Terms of Entry

I have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Faldo Series.

I confirm that my current handicap listed on my application is accurate at time of registration.

Please note the following handicap limits:

  • Boys Under 21 – Max H/cap – 4
  • Boys Under 18 – Max H/cap – 6
  • Boys Under 16 – Max H/cap – 8
  • Girls Under 21 – Max H/cap – 10
  • Girls Under 16 – Max H/cap – 12

I will advise the Faldo Series office if my handicap is adjusted prior to the ballot.

I understand that membership includes one practice round, three competition rounds, plus merchandise as supplied by sponsors.

I understand that all entries are subject to a ballot.

In the event that I am balloted out, I understand that the membership fee will be refunded.

I accept that if I make the Ballot and choose to withdraw from the Event with less than seven days notice in writing (by email) I will forfeit my entry fee.

I understand that entries for all UK events will close by 11.45pm, 30 Days Prior to each Event.

I understand that a CUT will take place at the end of Round 2 for all 3 Round events to 60% of each age category.

Faldo Series reserves the right to extend either entry deadline.

Faldo Series reserves the right to merge any age-categories after the entry deadline. Each age category must have a minimum number of 6 players entered into the event in order for the age category to proceed.

I accept that it is my responsibility to have a current individual travel/personal accident policy. The Faldo Trust will not be held responsible for claims relating to travel disruption, cancellation or accident/illness whilst travelling.

I accept that I may be required to use a Personal Scoring Device for my Match during the Event, this is to facilitate Live Scoring. I will make every effort to fulfil my obligations with regard to this.

I am happy to be considered for a Faldo Series related interview and/or photo opportunity with the media.

I understand that should I qualify for the Faldo Series Grand Final the Faldo Series will make arrangements for players only.

Privacy Policy

The Faldo Series take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the event that a player is balloted out, their entry fee will be refunded.

All entries can be cancelled up until 7 days before tournament start date.

Delivery Policy

Confirmation of entry will be sent via email.

Rules and Regulations

The Faldo Series takes great pride in the quality of its players and their high standards of behaviour. In order to maintain this level of excellence and to ensure that Faldo Series Tournaments (“Tournaments”) are enjoyable for all, the Committee requires that all players adhere to the rules and regulations listed below.

  1. All Tournaments shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the R&A Rules Limited and The USGA, The Faldo Series Hard Card and such Additional Local Rules as shall be approved by the Committee.
  2. Competitors are entitled to participate in any number of Tournaments, including the same country.
  3. Practice round times are for Faldo Series competitors only.
  4. All competitors must be of Amateur status.
  5. Competitors will be notified of their starting times prior to each Tournament. The Committee reserves the right to fix and/or alter starting times.
  6. All players should be at their allocated tee, ready to play, ten minutes before their starting time. A competitor who is not present at their allocated tee more than five minutes after his or her appointed starting time shall be disqualified. A competitor who arrives, ready to play, within five minutes after his or her appointed starting time shall receive a penalty of two strokes at the first hole instead of disqualification. Rule 5-3a.
  7. Players must register at each Tournament at least 30 minutes before their allocated starting time.
  8. If it becomes impossible to complete the Tournament in accordance with the conditions thereof because of adverse weather conditions, or other circumstances which in the opinion of the Committee make it impossible or impractical to do so, the Committee shall be empowered to vary such conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.
  9. All competitors are required to play with a golf ball that complies with the Equipment Rules and is on the List of Conforming Balls found on the R&A and USGA websites current at the date of the Tournament. Penalty for Making Stroke in Breach of Rule 4.2a: Disqualification.
  10. All competitors are required to play with driving clubs that have a club head identified by model and loft that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by the R&A. Penalty for Making Stroke in Breach of Rule 4.1a: Disqualification.
  11. Competitors are reminded that neither caddies nor ride-on golf buggies are permitted in Tournaments. Each player must carry his or her bag or use a trolley (electric or manual) as allowed by the club.
  12. The Faldo Series allows Distance-Measuring Devices (DMD) to be used by competitors in all of its Tournaments.
  13. On completion of each round, cards must be checked, signed and returned to the recorder by the individual competitor immediately. Cards not returned within a reasonable time will be regarded as ‘nil-returns’.
  14. Any competitor who during a Tournament, including practice days, misbehaves by, for example, swearing, throwing clubs, or abusing or vandalising the golf course or club house, or acts in any manner which might bring the game of golf or the Faldo Series into disrepute may be barred from entering or taking part in any Tournament for such period as the Committee may decide. See Player Code of Conduct.
  15. A competitor must not knowingly make use of any drug to enhance their performance. The full list of prohibited drugs is available from UK Sport (www.uksport.gov.uk)
  16. Players may neither ask for nor receive advice from anyone. In order to eliminate any possibility of doubt spectators are asked to always remain at least 20 metres away from players. In addition, they should not encroach onto Teeing Areas or Putting Greens. Penalty for breach of condition: General Penalty. Rulings must only be taken from appointed rules officials.
  17. It is imperative that a player wishing to withdraw from a Tournament notifies the Faldo Series office as soon as possible out of courtesy to officials and fellow competitors. Failure to do so will result in the player being Disqualified. Rule 5.3a.
  18. No refunds will be given to participants who are registered as members of the Faldo Series but fail to play in a Tournament/Tournaments, for whatever reason.
  19. The Faldo Series reserves the right to merge age categories prior to the tournament.
  20. The Faldo Series retains the right to include wild card invitees to the Faldo Series Grand Final.
  21. In all matters arising, the decision of the Faldo Series will be final.

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